Clare Sands



With a fiddle in one hand and a guitar in the other,Clare Sands is a songwriter, musician, and composer  based in Cork, Ireland.

With deep roots in Irish traditional and folk music, her music emanates from these family traditions, combined with her love of Jazz and the Blues.

Change Is a Comin' - Single is now available.

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Official music video for "Change Is A Comin" , debut single from Clare Sands, filmed by Inhale Exhale.

"Clare writes with a really true sense of freedom in her lyrics, just as young Dylan did. As for her vocals, they grace her words with all the care of an experienced musical surgeon at work"

"There is a fearlessness in Clare's writing; I love it. Audiences can hear and see what she's got, and know it's unique and different. As for her fiddle playing, she has such a great flair for improvisation. She certainly knows how to deliver"

"Clare Sands has been one of our best finds. She has unique ways in covering classic songs and making them her own. She is a real talent and a firm favourite of ours in our venue"

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